"The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible." -Vladimir Nobokov

Creative Bucket List

This is a list of all the creative stuff I want to do in my lifetime. Some of them are big things, and a lot of them are little things. The list itself is a work in progress and will be added to and shortened as needed. 
  1. Write a novel
  2. Revise a novel
  3. Write one short story every week for a year
  4. Keep an art journal
  5. Write something collaboratively
  6. Stick to a morning routine
  7. Make a video that I'm proud of
  8. Learn InDesign
  9. Write a series of short stories based on Darlingside songs
  10. Write a series of short stories based on paintings
  11. Make a Blurb or Artifact Uprising book
  12. Start a podcast
  13. Paint a mural
  14. Make a flower arrangement
  15. Send someone a care package
  16. Try copper enamel
  17. Take a ceramics class
  18. Get better at book binding
  19. Make homemade/recycled paper
  20. Learn embroidery
  21. Design and print a t-shirt
  22. Take an old book and turn every page into a black-out poem
  23. Experiment with spray paint
  24. Draw a portrait that actually looks like the person I'm trying to draw
  25. Do watercolors of my favorite people and places
  26. Start and Etsy shop
  27. Create my own productivity system
  28. Learn how to make coffee art
  29. Make a collage 
  30. Do a series of film photographs
  31. Make an inspiration wall for my workspace
  32. Do a mixed media project
  33. Make jewelry for all of my friends
  34. Try print making
  35. Do something with pressed flowers
  36. Try natural dyeing
  37. Attend a writer's retreat
  38. Do a list project with Ruth
  39. Make a mosaic
  40. Keep an inspiration box/journal
  41. Disconnect from the internet for an extended period of time
  42. Read books aloud with someone
  43. Write a personal essay and get it published
  44. Write regularly for a blog/publication
  45. Intern at a radio station
  46. Write and record a song
  47. Start a creative letter-writing project
  48. Make paintings of animals and birds
  49. Come up with a signature doodle
  50. Paint a chair, table, or other piece of furniture
  51. Make a mini documentary
  52. Record a day in the life of myself or someone else
  53. Do something with the quote book of stuff my friends say
  54. Create my own dessert recipe
  55. Re-decorate my room
  56. Make and hang a garland
  57. Help plan a wedding
  58. Create a masterpiece with crayons
  59. Decorate a pair of shoes
  60. Become instagram famous
  61. Go to an instagram meet-up
  62. Make a Words for Dessert cookbook
  63. Write a non-fiction book
  64. Go to a TED conference (or speak at one!)
  65. Join (or visit) a Zen center
  66. Make a toy for a child
  67. Try wood burning
  68. Restore an old book
  69. Try to live a minimalist life for a year
  70. Try to describe a feeling perfectly
  71. Learn to play the mandolin
  72. Go christmas caroling
  73. Try writing morning pages again
  74. Keep a "done journal"
  75. Make a photo book from one of my travels
  76. Start a book club
  77. Fill a book with blackout poetry

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